In each turn a player may throw the dices up to three times. The choice of dices to roll after the first round belongs to the player, he or she may keep as many dices as they want in hand and roll back the ones that don't match what they are trying to achieve.


Step 1

Player rolls round 1

Roll result :

Step 2

Assessment of first roll

Most probable combination after next roll (red is for the hoped target):

If the player is lucky enough to get a on the next roll, he or she will be granted the Large Straight (40 pts)

If the player gets a and has already scored Large Straight earlier, then he or she will be granted the Small Straight (30 pts)

The player can also try to get the maximum of a dice, for instance, if the player tries to make more "2" dices, they will be granted the total of the "2" dices.
Note that when the 5 dices have the same value, the combination is called Yahtzee and can be used in the Yahtzee row granting the player 50 pts

Step 3

Same as Step 1, except, after this round, 1 last roll is left. Pick wisely!

For more help check out the suggested tutorials on Youtube

When playing with Virtual Dices, you can choose between two methods. When using Selectable Method, click on the dices that you want to keep, this will prevent them from being rolled, alternatively, you can Drag and Drop the dices between two zones, when using the Sortable Method. The ones selected or moved to keeping zone will not change the next time you press the "Roll" button.

Selectable Method

Sortable Method

When using Real Dices, the information about the player's roll is unknown to the website engine and therefore should be entered manually using one of two methods. In the Loop-able Method, clicking a dice will loop its value from 1 to 6, while when using the Button-able Method, 6 buttons will be available to enter the player's roll. In this mode, the application serves only as a score grid. No paper printing is required.

Loop-able Method

Button-able Method

When the player is out of roll attempts or rounds, maximum of 3 in one turn, or, if he or she decides to validate and score before the third round, the score grid will be then available to pick a row and score. In both cases, whether the roll does or does not meet the chosen row's requirements, the score will be calculated automatically.
The maximum score without Yahtzee extra bonuses is 375.
If the player scored more than one Yahtzee (5 dices of the same number) in a single match, they are granted extra 100 points for each extra Yahtzee. In this rare scenario the score can go up to 575.

Row Name Example Score
Upper Section
1 Total of 1s only
2 Total of 2s only
3 Total of 3s only
4 Total of 4s only
5 Total of 5s only
6 Total of 6s only
Upper Bonus If Upper Section score is greater than or equal to 63 +35 pts
Lower Section
Three Of A Kind Total of dices
Four Of A Kind Total of dices
Full House 25 pts
Small Straight 30 pts
Large Straight 40 pts
Yahtzee 50 pts
Chance Total of dices
Extra Yahtzee DEVELOPMENT IN PROGRESS Up to 2 extra Yahtzee +100 pts each

Enjoy the game!